About Paranix

Paranix, the European reference in terms of head lice treatment solutions, is conscious that clearing your child of head lice is a full-time job that is often also stressful. Therefore Paranix is continuously examining how it can support you to solve this inconvenience –that is unfortunately part of life- in an effective and comfortable way.

Paranix offers a full range of products from prevention and treatment to after treatment. As all Paranix products do not contain any chemical ingredients and have a purely physical action, head lice cannot develop any resistance to the product’s ingredients.

NEW Paranix Head Lice Protection. A pssscht a day keeps the lice away!

It’s the school lice alarm again ! You know the drill: check your child’s hair.
No lice today? What a relief. You hope you’ll be as lucky tomorrow.
Don’t count on luck. Count on Paranix Head Lice Protection to actively protect your child and family against lice.